Spymob quietly released a country album back in January, recorded ten years ago.  Super rad.  Holding my breath for a reunion.

AOTY: Chromeo’s “White Women”

Dope vid

Dope Solange collab:

Killer non-single/album tracks:

A great duo hitting their stride and perfecting their craft, just as Hot Chip did two years ago with “In Our Heads”.  Feels good.  I doubt even D’Angelo’s comeback could displace this album, but seeing as it probably won’t materialize this year, I’m pretty confident it’ll go uncontested.

I’m also going to call my - nay - THE SOTY:

Sounding like the best Craig David house remix ever.

Post-road trip - Dublin and Amsterdam.  I don’t have that many pictures from Dublin, but I did manage to get a few from the Guinness Storehouse tour that Ilan and I took, which was awesome.  Learned the art of retro-nasal tasting, proper Guinness-drinking etiquette, and how to pour the perfect pint.  That glorious glass of plain up there, dark as night under that creamy, one-centimeter head?  The handiwork of yours truly.

I wasn’t in Amsterdam long enough to do much exploring or get many photos - about half of my brief stay was spent standing in line for museums - but I’m pretty pleased with the couple of pics I left with.

Helluva trip.

Almost forgot Killarney and Killarney National Park, which would’ve been Ireland road trip, day four.  Even in a country like Ireland, it stands out as a particularly beautiful area.  We could’ve given the Gap of Dunloe a miss, but maybe that’s just me being bitter about misjudging the marshland in my haste to snap what I thought was going to be a rad pano shot.  It’s a long walk to be covered in shit.

Ireland road trip, day six - Kilkenny, Knowth, and Newgrange in Brú na Bóinne.  Kilkenny is also high up on my list of charming Irish towns.  We managed to pack a lot into that day - Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny Design Centre, St. Canice’s Cathedral, Black Abbey, and the Smithwick’s Brewery tour (on opening day, no less), all before lunch.  In our last hours with the car we made our way up to Brú na Bóinne, which is just awesome in every sense of the word.

Ireland road trip, day three - Ring of Kerry.  Ballinskelligs, with its castle on the beach, was easily the best part.  As a whole, the Ring pales in comparison to the Dingle Peninsula, but that castle alone was worth the drive.

Connemara and the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland; days one and two of the post-class road trip.

I did the Building a wall piece on this hike, another great day on this trip.  We met some ponies on the way down the mountain, which was pretty rad.

Steven Castner

Building a wall, 2014


Chair and ottoman was both an extension of and response to this piece, in which I constructed a small wall using stones found on-site and from nearby walls.  After the section of wall was finished - it contained two stones each from four separate walls - the stones were replaced in exactly the spots from which they were taken, leaving no obvious trace of the short-lived structure.

Thanks much, Tati, for documenting this for me.